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Friends Who Edify

My teenage son has some friends whose families have emigrated from Russia. They are from large Christian families. One fellow's mother was born in Siberia. These are the nicest fellas. They enjoy a laugh and they always pray before they eat. They look out for each other.

One of them has taken an interest in snowmobiles. His grandfather picked one up that needed fixing. So Sam consulted James as he knows that James is good working on engines and the like.

It became a project where these two bonded over oil caps and loose screws. Sam brought the snowmobile to our garage. He would work on it after school. He is such an amazing kid that he doubled up on his school work so that he could graduate a year early. He comes from a family of fourteen children so he wanted to be on hand to help out at home. He also helps his uncle who has a shutter business. Sam is never idle.

Sam loves wood work. Whatever he does, he puts his all into it. One time, he came over, and he brought me some oatmeal raisin cookies that he had made. More interesting, is that he saved the little boxes of raisins that he got at lunch from school. He would soak the raisins as he told me they were kind of dry. Then he would put them in the cookie batter. He gave us sixteen cookies so that Jim, James, Uncle George, and I could each have four cookies. He is thoughtful like that.

Then he told me that he would like to be a friend to James. He wanted to help build his confidence. He was already praying for him.. I am just bowled over by this kid's goodness. I am very touched that James has a friend who edifies.

James told me that when he visited his house, Sam's room was neat and orderly - spotless. Of course, that is not the case with my son.

Several months went by. When Sam had a spare moment, he would go in the garage and scrape the rust off the body of the snow mobile. Then he painted it. He had the engine looking brand new. He would take pictures of the progress and send them to us.

Yesterday, I went out to get the mail. There was an envelope in the box expressly for James. James got home late that night as he went to the bowling club. When he got in, I made sure that he got the envelope. In it, were two photographs of the refurbished snowmobile. There was a beautiful thank you note written in the nicest penmanship. Sam was extolling James for his know-how with engines. He thanked him for his help and use of tools. He included a Bible verse. Then there was a separate envelope with five crisp twenty dollar bills. We were all flabbergasted. James is so grateful to have a friend that he hardly expected or wanted any sort of compensation especially since Sam did the lion's share of work. But this is the kind of fellow he is.

I suggested to Sam that maybe James could take some of it and that Sam could use the rest to put gas in his car as he is now going to college. Sam reminded me that a gift from a friend is just that - a gift, and something that is not to be returned.

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. Provers 27:9

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