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It Is Snowing Out

Yesterday I was lazy. It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit when I got up. I sat in my robe by the

wood stove sipping my coffee. I grabbed my laptop and then, I started looking at wool skirts on eBay. Perhaps not the most productive thing to do, but I called my mother and she seemed delighted that I was just relaxing - doing something mindless. Ah, I love those Scottish tweeds, and Irish woven wools. It has to be wool. There were some gorgeous thick tweed woolen suits by Paul Vasseur. One has to be careful, as the vintage clothing runs smaller than the contemporary sizes. They generally give the measurements of the waist and the length. I prefer midi-length. I like an A-line too. I also like to be comfortable in my skirts - have some breathing room. Sometimes the sellers will offer a discount if they see me looking at their items.

I am writing this today as I was so preoccupied yesterday. I could not even bring myself to take my walk. On the plus side, I can look forward to receiving in the mail a beautiful black wool Pendleton skirt with pretty embroidery around the hem.

I was also waiting to hear how my sister Annie made out as she was rushed to the hospital last week. Finally, after a week, a diagnosis was made. She had surgery to remove her gall bladder yesterday. Thank goodness all is well now. Godspeed Annie.

Sometimes we talk about non-consequential things and work our way up to the things that really matter.

My son came home from school last week rather upset. His teacher from BOCES lost his daughter. The daughter is the same age as James. I can not imagine. She had been in the hospital for almost a week. James told me that his class made cards for her. Every day for the past week James has asked me to look up the arrangements for this beautiful young lady. Today, I found them. I was supposed to work this evening, but I will not go in. Instead, I will take my son to the funeral for Mariah Lacey-Reid. Be Kind Like Mariah.

In the quiet stillness, It is snowing out.

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