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The Olympic Torch of Bridgewater

While driving down Mapledale Road I passed the Curtin's dairy barn. There, right after it, I noticed a fire mid-air in the sky. I alerted my husband. He told me that I would be surprised how many times the Bridgewater Fire Department gets called about that. He said, that is known as "The Olympic Torch of Bridgewater".

"Oh, really?!" I enquired.

Larry works with my husband Jim for the town. They keep our roads safe especially in the winter when plowing snow is non-stop. Larry, who also is our neighbor, gave this local landmark its name.

Actually, it is a gas flame produced by the methane given off from the manure in the nearby manure pit. This regulates one of our natural resources producing gas which will be shipped out to the West coast I believe. In any event, it struck me funny, that my neighbor Larry should come up with this name for the flame stemming from a pipe mid-air beside a manure pit.

Time to pass the "Olympic Torch of Bridgewater"..... as I head down the road.

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