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When God Spares You

I bumped into Krissy Martin at the Post Office this week. She came over to me visibly shaken. She began to express her concern for my husband Jim who witnessed a horrific accident last week.

Jim and I had just finished our weekly Adoration at church. We got home at 2:30 a.m. Jim went out to put sand and salt down on the roads as it was getting colder. He did not finish until four hours later. At this time, he began to make his way home. However, a huge tractor trailer truck was coming down Route 8 - towards Jim. It was surreal. Instead of staying on the road, the driver veered off to the right. He went into the tree in front of Krissy Martin's mother's house. Then, his truck went over the bank and into the creek. Neighbors said that it sounded like a bomb went off. Bill Massey was making his coffee. He lives right next door where the accident occurred. Had the driver veered left, he would have gone into Jim's path.

Jim was in a state of shock. He ran over to the creek. He called to the driver. There was no response. The poor driver was pinned underneath a mass of metal.

Jim called 911.

The EMT and first responders came. They were there for over 18 hours. Jim came home in the afternoon.

I made him an omelette.

He sat in the chair.

The driver was only 46 years old. He was from Rochester, New York. He had a name that sounded like he could have originally been from India.

The strange thing is, less than five months ago, there was another fatal accident in that same spot - a vehicle going into the tree. Krissy said that if the tree was not there, the vehicle would have gone into her mother's room where she was sleeping.

"We can't win the lottery, but this can happen twice in the same spot." She said bewilderedly.

The area is still being cleaned up. Bouquets of flowers hang over the little bridge - a sad reminder that another life was lost.

We both just looked at each other. We hugged each other knowing that God has spared us.

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